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Watch the Reversing Exercise for a B+E Car and Trailer Test [VIDEO]

The reversing exercise on a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency test for a B+E (car & trailer) is one of the points of the test that some people dread! But if you follow the format taught by our DVSA fully qualified driving instructors, you shouldn’t have any problems; as demonstrated by Ibrahim from Kavanagh Motor Group.

To complete the test competently you must be able to manoeuvre the car/truck and trailer from a cones box to the left of the centre cone and into another box marked with cones also to the left. The back of the trailer must be over hanging a hatched area at the back of the finishing box. The key elements are,

  • Control – slow speed & steering
  • All Round Observations – to ensure the accuracy of the manoeuvre and to ensure it is safe for other drivers and pedestrians

All car and trailer tests include this manoeuvre and this is why we ensure our 1 and 2 day trailer training courses include this. You can find out how to reverse a trailer in 6 easy steps on our blog.

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Tony has been involved in the driver training industry for the last 10 years. He is a fully qualified ADI and is a key member of the Road safety events team within Essex helping to raise awareness of the dangers on the road.

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